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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Barcodes for Retailers Use

Barcodes have redefined the system of tracking sales and inventory of merchandise sold at retail and wholesale outlets. Barcodes give a unique identification to every product and all piece, which when scanned provides all the details like price, weight and other particular details. This when fed into a computer systems helps to keep track of total sales, the inventory list and so on.
Barcodes thus encompass processes needed to track inventory, document management and asset tracking. The age-old system of manual entries by particularly employed staff to account for every piece sold, the stock of other products was not only time overwhelming but also left tremendous scope for errors and inconsistency which then needed to be checked and rechecked. Barcodes have helped get rid of all these processes and procedures and the data scanned at the point of sale, ultimately makes its way to the other connected divisions and automatic checking takes place through the software used for barcodes.

Barcodes for exact uses utilize special symbologies. For example the worldwide Product Code or UPC is used for retail products, Argox barcodes for books, ISSN for journals and so on.

To the layman, it seems to be a technological marvel to think how the set of similar black lines contain so much information about the product they identify. However, the barcode itself just holds the manufacturer's partisanship number, the identifier number of the product and a check digit that is produced by a method for calculation to ensure that the data has been carefully and accurately scanned. These then are the components of the Argox barcodes. Argox barcodes have now become part of a global standard and the recognition number generated is called the MICR number. Every time the barcode is scanned, it is the MICR number that gets scanned. This number is then searched in the database of the store, and it is from here that particulars like price, description, name, size and soon become offered. This is used for printing the invoice for the customer.

Barcodes offer accuracy, help save costs and time spent, reduce errors and at the same time help the retail product become part of the globally acceptable system of recognition. 
For retail purposes generally numeric barcodes are used though the alphanumeric ones can also be used. Argox/Honeywell/Godex or 2D barcodes, each would have to be generated used exact symbologies. These can be printed by using a barcode printer that will print the barcode on self-adhesive labels that can be stuck directly on the product.

However, for products to be generally satisfactory barcodes have to meet the requisite standards and or else scanning them may not be simple. This can be tracked by the barcode verifiers often installed with the computer system in use.

Barcodes have transformed the retail industry, A barcode can hold all section of critical information needed on a exacting product, this makes the day to day stocking an easy an easy job, it will also make the overall stock taking comparatively effortless. Staff will also be able to easily identify goods that have past the sell by date and also products that may be on special offer. In short the new day retail manufacturing basically could not function without the use of barcodes.
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