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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Different Types of Barcode Printers and Features

Technology is Extremely important in Present Times. Almost every type of business has to use barcode technology in some way or the other. As people have exposed the importance of the technology, use follows the boost in demand and requirement for the barcode printer. The term barcode can be described as a symbol containing information regarding an item or any person for that matter to which it belongs.

This Barcode can be also one-dimensional or two-dimensional. The information approved by these barcodes can be only read via particular optical scanners or any barcode reader. Barcode printing makes use of an assortment of combinations of bars as well as spaces for the reason of encoding data into the respective barcodes which are afterwards printed on cards.
The generally scan-ability of the barcode is needy on its particular print quality. The type of barcode label printers in india can be mostly classified into four categories. - DotMatrix, Inkjet, Laser 

The Thermal-barcode Printer happens to be by far the best and most efficient barcode printer in the market.

Direct Thermal Printer
The feature of this printer is making of images directly on tags. Further requirements like ink, toner as well as ribbon are not necessary while using direct thermal printer. Rather it uses a barcode label that is chemically treated and heat responsive. This label blackens on being approved under the printer's head. This printer is one of the most economical options.

Thermal transfer printer
This printer develops a ribbon as well a print head for the production of barcode images that are perfect and great in quality. It makes use of heat for the transference of ink from the respective ribbon to the given label for the formation of images. This kind of printer has the ability of printing on a wide range of media.

Argox Printer
Argox barcode printers (X and G Series) are one of the premium Argox barcode printers present in the market today. The unique features of this printer include the high performance that is delivered by this printer. It has to offer the print width of 4 inches beside with a wide range of resolutions beginning from 203 - 300 to 600 dpi. It provides as a fresh printer for the heavy duty manufacturing operations. It has the capacity of handling both shipping labels of 4x6 dimensions and the minuscule ones. It has to feature a singular 32 bit 133 MHz functional processor, 4MB Flash memory along with 16MB SDRAM.
Argox label printer [] is just great for top-side as well as bottom-side labelling of a circuit board, serial plate labels, analytical kits, product labels or printing on bottles.

You have to also be prepared to look into what kinds of prices are being presented by the manufacturers. Obviously, quality against price is a complex appraises but it is necessary one. Firstly, you should make a list of all the necessary features and then decide on a budget. Previously you get a list of all the products that fall under the category; it will be wiser to ask some of the people about.

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